automatic egg collection system

  • automatic egg collection system
  • automatic egg collection system
  • automatic egg collection system

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Cross Conveyor system
The cross conveyor collects eggs from different rows. Center of the system is galvanized conveyor chain with plastic hose outsourced and two side chain with hardening treatment. The eggs slips from the collection machines onto the cross conveyor.
All the cross bars are in a plane which means running smooth and stable to keep the eggs in good condition.
The whole system is professional produced, specialized produced for chicken farms.
This system is high efficient collection system. All the equipment are connected with each other perfectly, so the eggs will be delivered from the egg tray of chicken cages to the egg-collection machines smoothly, makes sure this system runs normally and high efficiently.
All the eggs can be transferred by one cross conveyor system.
No matter how many rows or tiers of the chicken cages, all the eggs can be collected and transferred to the same platform or same warehouse for packaging or storage.
The cross conveyor system runs at a steady speed of 140 cm per minute. Usually the height of the conveyor is 120 cm and the height is calculated to be the best position for egg-collection machines to the egg-collection time.
The platform is usually bigger and flat, which is convenient for final egg packing or storage. 

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