Egg collection belt

  • Egg collection belt
  • Egg collection belt
  • Egg collection belt
  • Egg collection belt
  • Egg collection belt

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Egg Collection system
Egg collection system is worth investing. In layer chicken farms, all we have done is for getting eggs successfully and unbrokenly. So egg collection system plays an important role in chicken farms, it is the following characters:
1. Labor saving and time saving
2. Low egg breaking rate
3. Easy operation and management
Egg collection system contains collection belt system, egg collection machine and cross conveyors system.

Collection belt system
Our collection belt is imported from Italy, with advanced technological design. The belt has blue and white patterns on its surface which maks the belt a better appearance and efficient practical.
The belt is made by Polypropylene yarn which ensures the belt a long service life cause the material is corrosion-resistant and antibacterial. The belt do not absorb water and is stable with hot weather. So it can be cleaned by water directly.
The belt is 10 cm in width and driven by worm-gear speed reducer which kept the belt running smooth at a speed of 2 centimeter per second.

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