A Type Breeder Cage

The breeding chicken rearing system is specially designed for the convenience of artificial insemination in closed or open chicken coop .
The equipment, which has been widely used in the Chinese market, shows to be a very successful breeder-breeding chicken cage system.
The cage net surface treatment is hot dip galvanized or cold dip galvanized . They can maintain a long service life .

Product introduction

1. Compared with floor raising , the egg-breeding cage system is more convenient to collect the eggs , reduce the rate of egg breakage, while maintaining the eggs clean .

2. 4 chickens in a cell is more convenient for manual operation of the insemination.

3.Cage raising helps to get a good environment for the chickens , it can reduce the chickens’ morbidity rate and improve the egg production .

4.The system can also be equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic manure cleaning system and automatic water supply system, this makes the work more efficiently and save a lot of labor .

Cage dimension

Cage net : 1950*800*400mm

Each cell can accommodate 4 chickens , there are 8 cells each set . The average area for each bird is 487.5cm2 .

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