H Type Layer Cage

Our cage frame is designed to be a single position , all the cage net are hot galvanized and some parts are also treated by plastic coating .

Automatic Feeding System

The Automatic Feeding System with hoppers are special designed for H frame cage system. It is conncected with the augers which be delivered the feed from silo to hopper and then can transfer the feed to feed troughs. The feeding machine from Jinfeng has been certified by ISO9001:2015. It is very popular design for H Frame cage in poultry farmes. It has the following advantages:

Saving labors,

Feeding uniform,

Easy to clean,

Not easy to hide food, to ensure the trough 100% clean,

The material is anticaustic.

Automatic Egg-collection System

Our egg conveyor is the most versatile in the market, with 50 years of experience designing, developing, manufacturing and building internationally. Additionally, we provide its elevator system with a higher collecting capacity by allowing the collection of eggs simultaneously from all tiers.

Eggs are collected individually per tier, with a gear motor per tier, allowing a maximum flexibility to our customers’ daily egg collection.

The Maximum transport distance could over one kilometer and the conveyor can be connected directly to the egg packing machine .

Manure removal system

Our manure removal system is a totally special design in the market, which can ensure the manure belt off tracking. . This system has the following advantages:

1.Manure belt will off tracking during cleaning;

2.We produce the manure belt by ourselves, so we can control and ensure the quality;

3.Connected with the transverse conveyor to the manure truck directly and no manure left in the farm, it means better environment for the chickens.

4.All support frames are made of Aluminum Zinc plate and hot dipped galvanized board, durable and strong.

Ventilation system

We provide the personalized study and service for clients according to the different projects. To ensure the stable temperature and enough ventilation of chicken house. And through the controlling system to management and control the birds growing. All you have to do is telling us which environment you want, we input the corresponding data to controlling system, to control all of the equipment, and also could provide 24 hours real time monitoring for you.

For the closed chicken house, adopting cooling pads to lower the house temperature.

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