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manufacturer and marketer of manure/sludge drying systems.

These systems are extremely suitable for utilizing residual heat from (green) power plants.

This type of heat, as well as exhaust air heat from poultry houses can be used for drying poultry manure and turning it into a valuable organic fertiliser or fuel.

Smoothly coated

perforated steel plates are the basis of the dryer. Its sturdy construction allows a thick layer (15-18 cm) of manure on the plates which guarantees a highly efficient drying process.

It also allows a more compact design of the dryer. The industrial quality of the dryer guarantees interference free use of the equipment. The system works fully automatic and unmonitored.

A dosing belt delivers the manure carefully on the smooth perfoplates. Therefore the manure can be brought on the dryer in wet condition, without pre-drying.

The manure will only be transported by belts. No pre-drying, results in lower electricity costs.

Pollo poultry manure drying

Pollo Poultry Manure Dryer reduces particulate matter emmisions from the barn air

When farm air is used for drying, the size of the dryer depends on the number of hens in the house. The number of hens per m2 drying surface is climate dependent:400 – 600 hens per m2. Only a small part of the farm air passes through the dryer (0,8 or 2 m3 /h/hen). The rest of the air (summer ventilation) leaves the house directly.

For example a dryer for 80.000-120.000 hens is 27 meters long, 2 meters wide and 3 meters high. The manure is removed from the farmhouse on daily basis, then dried on the dryer for two days. This limits the conversion to ammonia and optimizes the nitrogen content in the end product. The result is less ammonia in the air and a higher value of the end product.

The pelleting plant

The pelleting plant can be used directly after the dryingsystem to process the dried product into pellets. Hereby a high quality final product is created and new marketing possibilities occur. The dried manure is pelletised and then kept at 70°C for one hour for sanitization. The pellets are then free of germs and therefore suitable for export.

Pelletising turns poultry manure into a suitable product for long distance transport. We supplies

weighing and packaging systems for weighing and packing big bags as well as complete installations for weighing and filling small buckets and bags.

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