A Type Layer Cage

The A Frame System Layer Batter y System was cer tified by ISO9001:2008, it has scientific design, efficient working efficiency, strong and solid structure, thorough installation service.

Product introduction

The A Frame System Layer Battery System is designed both open and close house all over the world, especially for open house in big farm who has enough land, it is more suitable to be used in tropical zone such as Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia Countries.

The A Frame System Layer Battery System  from Henan Jinfeng is Cold Galvanized or all Hot Dipped Galvanized Equipment, we can  control the standard and quality because Jinfeng has our own Wire Drawing Production Line to produce the cage wires, Automatic Cage Mesh Welding, Cutting, Bending and Cold/Hot Dipped Galvanization for Cages and Cage Leg Frames.

The Automatic Feeding System is connected with the augers which be delivered the feed from silo to te hopper and then can transfer the feed to feed troughs. The feeding machine from Jinfeng has been certified by ISO9001:2008. it is very popular design both for A frame cage system in poultry farms.

The System Advantages

● Saving more labors because the automatic control panels can control feeding trolley.

● It can be equipped with all kinds of A frame cage systems, highly optimized for general use.

● The board are made of Aluminum Zinc plate, antirust and strong structure.

● Very easy to make installation and connect with the silo, feed delivery are automatic.

● With 360 degree flowing nipple drinkers, water drip cups and water pressure regulators, terminals, splits, water filters makes sure the water is clean and NO harm to the layers.

● Automatic Drinking System: Square or Round pipes (thickness 2.5mm) with stainless steel nipple drinkers, and constituted by Water Pressure Regulators (or water tank), filters and dosers from DOSATRON.


Egg collection system is worth investing. In layer chicken farms, all we have done is for getting eggs successfully and unbrokenly. So egg collection system plays an important role in chicken farms, it is the following characters:

● Labor saving and time saving

● Low egg breaking rate

● Easy operation and management


The Scraper Type Manure Collection System is designed for A frame cage systems which has manure pits under the cages.

The manure dropping from the cages in the manure pits, and the manure scraper can collect the manure outside of the chicken house.

The System Advantage:

● Special design for A frame Cage System with manure pits under the cages, the various width of manure scraper are available.

● Lower cost and easily to operate by control panels.

● Solid structure and durable because of hot dipped galvanized manure scrapers and imported Nylon connection hemp ropes.

● Saving more labor works and cleaning the chicken house inside immediately in order to control the ammonia emission.


● The System both Suitable to use in rainlessor tropical district, because the chicken manure can be collected as the H frame Immediately outside from the chicken house.

● It can save more space and raise greater number of birds is reared per unit it helps inidentifying poor producers and prompt cullinge.

● Easily to deliver and installation in clients farm and make maintenance because it is just one belts for each line(row), and same installation method as A frame cage system.

● If it is designed as layer chicken house, it can help in production of clean eggs because the Egg conveyor system can deliver all eggs from different houses to egg storage room;

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